Elemis Superfood Facial – Does It Work?

A Cleansing Wipe And A Dollop Of Moisturiser

Every time I think about visiting a Day Spa I always go for a facial. Upon hitting my fifties I knew I had to start to invest in my skincare routine a little more. I can’t get away with a cleansing wipe and a dollop of moisturizer as I did in my twenties, my under eyes need more hydration, actually, my whole face does.

When you think of a traditional facial – cleansing, exfoliating, face mask is probably the first thing that comes to mind.  So arent all facials the same?  How do you really know what one to go for? If its the right one for you and your skin?

Just Your Average Mum Skin

As a busy working mum, I don’t get enough time to myself so my skincare routine is normally quick. A home facial consists of popping on a mask while I watch Netflix.

I also can’t remember the last time I jumped out of bed in the morning with boundless energy for the day ahead, this just doesn’t happen when you’re a working parent of a 7-year-old. You seem to suffer from a constant feeling of sleep deprivation. And that lack of sleep starts to creep up on you, it starts to show up on the face – dark circles, bags, dehydrated skin to name but a few.

Superfoods For The Face?

I was absolutely delighted when an offer to try out Elemis new Superfood Vegan facial came along, my 50-year-old skin jumped at the chance. Anything that can give my skin a much-needed boost was gratefully received.

I am no stranger to facials, I have experienced many over the last 10 years – I once worked for a very well known chain of Spas, as a fitness consultant, which meant I got to sample an array of facial delights, some great, some not so great. Some left me with glowing skin, others just left me with a greasy oil slick and an unwanted blemishes

So, I was intrigued by this new facial by Elemis. The products are formulated with plant-based nutrient-dense superfoods. They are rich in anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Apparently, they help to nourish and revitalize the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow – okay I was sold. I use superfoods a lot in my healthy eating regime but I had never experienced them as a facial, for the skin.

The Spa Experience

York Hall is situated just outside Bethnal green tube station and upon arrival, I was immediately greeted with calming music, and wonderful smells. There is something about entering a spa that just makes you want to snuggle under a warm blanket and relax.

As I filled in the obligatory pre-treatment form I looked around the spa, It was pretty with candles flickering and hush tones everywhere, the ideal ambiance for a spa.

I met my therapist, Natalie post facial. She explained what the treament would entail and what to expect.

I was escorted into the treatment room which was dimly lit with soft fluffy blankets and towels scattered around – how do they get their towels so fully, I have never been able to do that at home. Sorry I digress.

Natalie asked me to snuggle under the blanket and relax. Okay if you insist?

The Elemis Superfood Facial was about 75 minutes long which felt very indulgent in comparison to my quick 5-minute at home facial routine but it was also a much-needed treat for this tired working mum.

The first of many potions and lotions were applied to cleanse tone and exfoliate the skin in preparation for the ‘superfood wonder mask”

The combination of warming and cooling towels were so nice and the pressure that Natalie applied was just right. This was heavenly.

Just before the mask was applied collagen eye masks were applied just under my eyes, there was a slight cooling sensation upon application but nothing uncomfortable. The superfood rich mask was delicately applied all over my face and neck. It immediately felt luxurious, rich and creamy. There was no irritation or tightness that can sometimes be felt when a mask is applied to the face either.

While the mask did its job of hydrating and nourishing my skin Natalie performed a lovely scalp massage.

Finally, the mask was removed and once again the combination of warming towels and cooling lotions was heavenly.

And There’s More

To my surprise, Natalie said “Are you ready for the next phase” ohh there was more? Another mask was applied to my skin which Elemis call

“The Glowing Mask’

More collagen eye masks were applied while Natalie massaged my hands and arms, leaving the mask to skin deep into my tired mum skin.

This mask felt a little different from the previous one, a slight tingling sensation, but again nothing uncomfortable. It felt like my skin was waking up after a very long 7-year nap.

Natalie finished the facial with Elemis Superfood Day Cream and I have to say my skin felt amazing. The entire treatment was nurturing, relaxing and wonderful.

My Verdict

The Elemis Superfood Facial may be a little pricey in comparison to other facials £70 but, the attention to detail throughout the treatment was fantastic.  The number of products used in the Elemis range was extensive.

I can truly say my skin felt softer, smoother and more glowing post facial. It was definitely worth the price tag.



To find out more about Elemis Skincare you can view their products here. For information on how to book a facial at York Hall. Head to their website herehttps://www.spaexperience.org.uk/

NOTE: I was invited to review the Elemis Superfood Facial, but all the views and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. This is not a paid post.

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