Back To School. Which Camp Are You In. Yay? Or Nay?

Don’t Underestimate the Value Of School Feelings

September signifies the back to school season is upon us. And with it brings a mixed bag of emotions – Sad to see our little ones go back to school but also needing them to go back to school. Which camp are you in? I’m a little of both. I love the freedom of school holidays, the lazy pyjama mornings. Making exciting plans to explore the world, taking lazy day trips to the beach, home baking, family get togethers. But. I also feel overwhelmed at times with how much juggling you have to do, daily, just to get by.

As a working mum, juggling the proverbial school plates becomes very challenging. Its fine for a week or two but come week four or five and Oh. My. Goodness. I am dropping plates all over the place.

Mummy Watch Me, Why Are You Not Watching?

My little one is of an age where she wants and needs to be stimulated, daily. Actually make that hourly. She is so eager to explore the world and what it does, how it works, why it works and more whys, and more whats, and more hows arghhh. There goes my first plate.

She is a little ball of energy and I will admit at times its hard to keep up with her expanding energy and constant questioning and wonder of the world. Even the smallest menial task seems to become the biggest challenge for me – food shopping, working out, cleaning, answering the phone, taking a bath (I actually can not remember the last time I had a bath, I think it was about 4 years ago. Its just not worth the 1 minute of calm is it?)

But. My little one also makes me laugh every day and she is a joy to have around, always smiling and so very funny. We have a great time together. We enjoy being together, just us girls as my little one would say. She is such good company and we are definitely Best Girl Buds. So there in lies my dilemma. I love having her around. I enjoy spending time with her. However I also need time to myself, to work, to be me.

I Want My Life Back

Parenting through the summer holidays is tough. You constantly veer from loving it to tearing your hair out. From enjoying it to wanting it to end. From thinking how wonderful it will be be not to have to do the school run for 6 weeks, to checking the calendar to see how many days you have left before school recommences.

So what camp am I in. I believe I am in the middle camp. The camp that enjoys the summer break but is also longing to get back to work for a break. The camp that loves the sound of laughter, giggling and bickering, well not so much bickering. But also loves the sound of silence.

We all have ideas about what going back to school should be like. So. Which camp are you in? Leave me your thoughts.

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