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A Day At The Spa

Today, spas seem to be at the forefront of a holistic wellbeing push that seems to be taking over the world, well maybe thats a slight exaggeration but many of us have experienced a spa weekend, retreat or pamper day at some stage and probably more than once.

Personally I love to sample different spa beauty treatments. Its a chance for me to disconnect from my busy word, just for a bit. Plus it feels wonderfully indulgent.

Yes Please

To my delight I was approached by the Spa at Bedford Lodge a few weeks ago to come along and sample one of ESPAs brand new Mindful Treatments. This treatment was going to be one of the highlights of BL new retreat in February.

The Spa were showcasing this treatment as part of their brand new Retreat package which included a Yoga workshop (with me) a private dining experience as well as full use of the spa facilities.

Where Is It 

The Spa is set in the grounds of Bedford Lodge Hotel in Newmarket, in a quiet area that was once occupied by Newmarket Racecourse – the perfect tranquil location.

I was really looking forward to sampling this treatment it sounded fantastic. As I entered the spa I was immediately met with sumptuous decor, big comfy designer chairs, cushions, settees and thick carpeted floors -The kind of carpet you want to squidge your toes into. There was also a beautiful smell of aromatherapy oils that seemed to fill the air. What is it about that first step into a spa, you can literally feel your body relaxing.

Isn’t Every Treatment Holistic

I was met in the reception area by a therapist by the name of Sophie. She escorted me up a lovely, once again, thick carpeted winding staircase to our treatment room. As I stepped inside the room I was pleasantly surprised to see that the massage bed we were going to be using was much bigger than I had expected, and it was curved. This design apparently helped to support the body, particularly the lower back, more effectively while lying flat.

Sophie began by explaining what the Mindful treatment entailed “Its a very holistic approach to a facial. We will be using lots of different techniques accompanied by deep breathing” she explained. Being a Yoga teacher I was instantly intrigued by this, but I couldn’t help thinking, surely every treatment was holistic? What made this treatment different. I was about to find out.

The Smell Of Frankincense

The first step of the treatment was a choice between two rather gorgeous smelling aromatherapy blends – selecting a blend is so often dependent on ones mood, which can vary from day to day, particular for us ladies. I decided to choose a blend that was rich in frankincense, it is a particular favourite smell of mine and I am always drawn to it.

Sophie further explained that the treatment would involve the use of two warm lavender infused pumice stones and also the use of two rose quartz crystals. She also explained that the treatment would finish with a head and scalp massage using ESPAs very popular Pink Hair Mask. Okay I was hooked. This definitely sounded like an awesome treatment. I couldn’t wait to experience it.

I de robed and laid down on the generous massage bed, which was heated – Why weren’t all massage beds heated, after all you are half naked underneath under those towels. And warmth is so conducive to rest.

The Power Of Deep Breathing

The treatment begun with some deep focused abdominal breathing with particular emphasis on the 7 Chakra energy points that run through the body. Each breath was accompanied by the subtle sound of tiny symbols.

The treatment continued with the application of warm cleansing lotion to open up the skin. This was followed by the use of warm massage mitts that gently exfoliated the skin.

Here is where the facial begun to differ from others I had experienced in the past. Before I felt the pumice stones on my skin, I could smell them. The warmth and smell of the lavender was heavenly and so delicately massaged into the skin that you didn’t feel any dragging or irritation, it was a lovely sensation and deeply relaxing. This was followed by some warming oils which were massaged very softly into the skin with the help of two rose quartz crystals – divine.

Gorgeous And Pink

The oils were left to work into my skin while Sophie continued with a invigorating scalp massage while she smeared ESPAs Pink clay over my hair. I made a mental note that I must get some of that gorgeous pink mud. It felt amazing.

The treatment finished with a neck, shoulder and arm massage which I can’t really review as I think I had drifted off at this stage.

As my mind slowly returned to the massage bed, sophie quietly explained that the treatment had finished. I felt completely and utterly relaxed. My skin felt as if it was glowing and rejuvenated. Okay I may look a little greasy and my hair was smothered with pink mud but I felt so good. And Bedford Lodge were right, it was indeed a Mindful Treatment.

I cannot recommend this treatment enough, it really is quite unique. You have to try it. You can find out more about Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa retreat HERE





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