Do We Really Want A Six Pack?

I Just Want A Normal Pack?

I am sure your insta/twitter/Facebook feed is saturated with pictures of peoples abdominals, their svelte abs, six packs, coupled with statements such as;

“How To Get A Six Pack In 2 Weeks” “Drink This, Eat That And You Can Look Like Me” “How I Got My Six Pack In 2 Weeks?” That’s a particular favourite of mine.

But most of the pictures that crop up on our feeds are of Men and Women in their 20s. What about when you are in your 40s or 50s. Is it possible to achieve a six pack? Do we actually want one? Perhaps the majority of us are just looking for a flatter tummy, a slimmer midriff, less baby belly and more mummy looks great belly?

Personally I have never strived to achieve a six pack. Don’t get me wrong I respect athletes and people that really want this, believe me I know how much hard work goes into that exclusive six pack. I have worked with many Red Carpet Actors/Actresses who worked their butts off, or should I say cores off, to get one. But it is never sustainable. And for some of us its just not achievable.

No Time For That

Having a six pack is just not high on my list of body priorities. Instead I want a normal pack. I like the feeling of a slender waist, a flatter stomach. A core that feels good when I sit down, that doesn’t pop over my jeans. A core that I don’t have to continually pull in, hold in, every time someone walks past, every time I put on a swimsuit/my favourite frock. I haven’t got time for that.

Our Survey Said, No.

So whats the trick? Can you drink yourself to a flatter stomach. The answer to that would be No. Can you spot reduce your core with just sit-ups and planks. The answer again is, you guessed it, No.

Unfortunately there is no magic one ingredient to achieve a flatter, more svelte tummy. If there was then everyone would be walking around with a six pack? And all the diet pill, juice only, protein shake conglomorates would be pulling their hair out.

Shh Its A Secret

I am a great believer in the Old Fashioned Approach to shaping and toning the body, and that is not just because I am older so excuse the pun. The OFA is the approach that I follow, How I keep In shape. And you know what, it WORKS.

I often get complemented on my stomach particularly now I am over 40. And I often get asked “What Do You Do, How Comes Your Stomach Looks So Good” and you know what, my answer is always the same. I use the OFA.

Here is what I have learnt in my 30 year career as a Coach. Come Closer…Ready….You need 2 things. A Healthy Diet And a workout regime that uses compound exercises. Thats It. No Magic Pill, Juice, Detox, Plank Challenge. Just this simple combination.

Of all the diets and workout regimes on offer this simple combination Is our default mode. Its the mode we go back to when all the other plans have come and gone. Once we have exhausted all the fads and gimmicks on offer.

So why are we searching for something else? The simple answer is time. We want a quick fix, something that we can do for 2 weeks before our holiday, wedding, special event. We want to be able to just drink a juice, eat only pineapple, eat only green foods and miraculously our body will change?

Accept Defeat? No Thanks

But. what if we followed a healthy eating plan, an effective achievable workout plan that would change our mindset for the long term. Wouldn’t that be better? No more restrictive diets, No more plank challenges (who wants to stay in a plank for 10 minutes, no thanks) No more juicing for 2 weeks (I like my homemade apricot flapjacks too much to juice) Just a healthier way of life. A more positive view of our life. Surely thats what we should strive for. Surely thats more sustainable in the long term?

I passionately believe that anyone, irrespective of their age, can achieve a flatter stomach, a more defined waistline and a stronger core. Why should we accept defeat over the age of 40/50. Why should we believe that having a flatter core is only for someone that is younger. If you want a toned stomach over the age of 40 or 50, who says you can’t have it?. Don’t wish to be 20 again, work to be the best version of you. You can achieve anything you set your mind and body to. The only thing holding you back is You.


Have you tried to get a six pack? What diets, fads have you explored. Let me know.

About Niki Wibrow

Niki is a fitness, health, and yoga expert specialising in helping ladies and men over the age of 40 and 50 to look and feel great through innovative and personalised exercise plans. Niki is a regular contributor to many TV and Radio Shows, and has worked with major brands such as Netflix and Matalan launching unique workout programmes for real people. Her celebrity workout DVDs are sold in excess of 500,000 copies to date.

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  • Sam Lindley

    Reply Reply 2nd November 2017

    I love this approach its so real and true most of us have just 30 mins max a day we need to keep it achievable. x

    • Niki

      Reply Reply 3rd November 2017

      Thank you Sam. And absolutely. If you follow a plan that fits around you and your life and is achievable, how much easier would it be to stick to it? No more fad diets, no more gimmicks, just an OFA to our long term health. Have a great day x

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