What A Blue Bird Day

I was chuffed to welcome the independent award winning Blue Bird Tea Mixology Company to my Yoga Event In June. I am a big tea drinker (thats green and White, sometimes Oolong and Occasionally Rooibos) I am always on the hunt for new tea blends. Its become a hobby of mine to search out for the perfect cuppa.

For me its a gorgeous blend of flavours, served at the right temperature and in my favourite Bombay Duck china cup, I have yet to find out why tea taste so much better in a china cup, it just does.

I like to sample new flavours and deliciously different blends. My yogi friends eagerly await a new tea blend every week post yoga practice. It has become one of the highlights of my Yoga Classes.

And there is so much to choice from. Do you like Oolong, Or do you prefer rooibos. Is silver Needle Tea your choice or do you favour herbal? Or perhaps you are a green tea fan – why are so many shop bought Green Teas so bitter tasting? Green Tea should be subtle, light and slightly sweet. I apologise in advance for any tea snobbery.

Before we begin. Blue Bird Tea is not your every day PG tips kind of company, although there is nothing wrong with PG tips. But these guys offer a whole lot more for your cuppa.

I had heard rave reviews about their amazing shop in Brighton. They actually have a tea bar there where you can order any type of tea, any blend. Hot or Cold, with a shot of matcha, or a whip of soya. How fantastic. A grown up tea party.

I was lucky enough to visit this shop back in January for one of the many tea Mixology workshops that they run. It was a fab evening learning all about wonders of tea. I also learned much more about Blue Bird, the company, and why they started.

They were founded by a couple by the name of Krisi and Mike, who met while studying Politics at University. They started this unique company in their bedroom. They had a passion for teas and begun searching through local markets to try and discover scrummy ingredients that they could develop into gorgeous delicious tea blends. They definitely had a nose for tea – So much of the taste of a great cuppa starts with the aroma.

I was also intrigued about their name, BlueBird Tea. It made me think of china cups and exquisite biscuits, for some reason. I was totally wrong though. Their name comes from the term “Blue Bird Day” which is a day with perfect blue skies. It was the kind of day that filled you with happiness. And that is their motto “Spreading Happiness A Cup At A Time”

I was fortunate enough to receive some samples of their mouth watering, throat tingling Gingerbread Chai (ginger tends to awake, clear and coat the throat area hence the reason its commonly used for coughs and colds) which I was going to serve in between Yoga Classes at my Event.

One of the reason I liked this company so much was that their tea looked amazing, and was actually full of ingredients that you could see, not just listed on the back of a packet. How many times have you discovered a tea blend that tastes and looks nothing like the name suggests? Yep me too.

Their gingerbread chai was a Rooibos (roy bos) tea flavoured with cardamom cinnamon, ginger, vanilla pieces and mallow flowers. You could instantly smell the spices upon opening the packet. Clearly visible too were pieces of ginger and vanilla. It smelt divine.

The serving of tea and healthy treats is one of the highlights of my Yoga Event. And everyone just loved their Gingerbread Chai. Accompanying this lovely chai was some homemade apricot flapjacks. Thankfully there was plenty to go round and each delegate received a sample of this tea in their free goodie bags.

To coin their phase, it turned out to be a Blue Bird Day.

You can check out the array of wondrous tea blends from Blue Bird Tea Company or pop into their shop in Brighton.

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