Yoga Poses For A Flatter Belly


“I want to shape up with midriff”

“How Can I Tone Up With Abs”

“I Want A Flat Tummy”

I am sure one of these sentences resonates with you. It is without doubt one the areas of the body that we most want to see a change in?

I would probably say that this is an area of the body that I get asked the most questions about. ¬†Unfortunately a lot of us believe the way to achieve a ‘flat tummy’ is by trying to complete hundreds of ab exercises, or the latest fad of holding a plank for as long as you can (I can never quite understand why you want to do this)

Achieving a flat stomach is not about any one particular exercise. Its about combining different exercises at different intensity levels. I have worked hard over the years to find that magic ingredient that can help you to achieve your goals.

I have included in this video some of my favourite exercises to shape up the core. Remember to exercise smartly. You’re time is precious make sure that you spend it working out effectively.

Start by warming and loosening up the back and core with cobra pose. Breath deeply and the bring the body into table top. Relax the shoulders and start to flow into cat/cow pose – arching and flexing the spine.

Release and roll down into cobra pose. Push firmly into the elbows and hands. Squeeze the belly button inwards and upwards. Gently lift the belly button off the ground pause then release the body back into cobra. Repeat this flow a few times to engage the mind and the core.

Next up extend both legs back into plank, don’t worry we are not going to stay here for 5 minutes. Feel a sense of lightness in the body, lifting the back of the body up towards the ceiling and engaging the front of the body away from your mat. Anchor both hands into the mat, squeeze the belly button into your back, lengthen your spine (imagine a long line from your heels to your head)

Begin to round the spine slightly and draw the right knee towards your chest, squeeze, squeeze that belly button in. Release the leg back to plank and repeat on the left side.

Relax and rest down onto mat into cobra. Breath deeply. Once again nudge the belly button inwards and upwards and peel the hips off the ground, remain balanced on your elbows and forearms. If you can begin to lift the thighs off the ground also. You can do it.

Next repeat your plank knee tuck section. Keep focused and engaged.

Relax the back of the body down onto the mat and extend both legs up towards the ceiling (legs against the wall pose, although they won’t actually be against a wall) reconnect the belly button to the back. Bend the knees and slowly, using the strength in your core, roll the body up towards the front edge of your mat. Stop here and slowly extend both legs in front of you into boat pose. Repeat this section a few times until you feel you need to rest.

You made it. You are on the path to achieving those “flat abs”

How did you get on. Leave me a comment below





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