Can You Snack Healthy?

Do you think its possible to Snack Healthy? I admit I am a serial snacker, I like and enjoy a good snack. Im not talking your common law biscuit snack. I like to munch my way through fruit, lots of fruit and more fruit. I cannot tell you how much money I have spent in Marks & Spencer over the years – thank goodness for Aldi, good quality fruit and so much easier on my purse. My love of fruit has been passed on to my little girl. She is now a fruit a holic just like her mum (Im not sure thats an actual word, but it sums us up)

As a working mum I am constantly on the look out for nutritional snacks, you know the ones I mean. Not the squished banana in the bottom of your bag snack, or the dented bruised apple snack, or squashed packets of raisins snack. I am talking about fresh snacks that you can reach for in between pt clients, classes or general out and aboutness (again Im not sure thats an actual word but you know what I mean) If you have every left the house without a snack for your little one you will know how important it is to Always, Always have some available, and the healthier the better.

As a mum of an energetic little 5 year old girl I don’t always have the time to bake snacks for the family, or to pre prepare snacks for myself for the working day, particularly during the summer holidays where time is even more limited. I know there are lots of lovely ideas on pinterest – those pictures look very pretty but In real life we don’t always have the time to recreate them? Particularly when your focus is on packing school bags, preparing lunches, ironing uniforms and making dinner for the family. If you are anything like me, you tend to just grab a banana and head out the door.

But if you’re out and about its always a good idea to have some good nutritionally packed snacks with you, otherwise those mid morning, afternoon hunger pangs will have you heading for the starbucks queue or grabbing that tempting muffin.

On one of my many hunts for a healthy snack I stumbled upon Emily Crisps. Apparently one of the co founders of Emily had found an innovative way of creating crunchy fruits and vegetables crisps that were, vegan friendly, deliciously yummy and a healthy alternative to traditional snacks. And they contained no hidden nasties, or added salt or sugar.

They seemed like an ideal snack. However, I had sampled many so called veggie crisps before and they did not taste anything like their so called veggie name. And most were laden with salt and sugars which made me very reluctant to let my little one have them.

How fortunate was I, the snack a holic, to receive a wonderful package of assorted yumminess from Emily Crisps to sample. I couldn’t wait to devour them, well my little girl couldn’t wait to devour them, she always seems to get there first?

The packaging on Emily Crisps was so vibrant and colourful it immediately made me smile. The first packet to catch our eye was the Crunchy Red Apple. As soon as you picked it up and shook it you could hear the crunch. Upon opening the packet the crisp smell of apple was apparent. And they actually looked like pieces of apple with the skin attached and not like replicas of the fruit. And what of the taste? They were deliciously sweet, crunchy and very moorish. They did not last long, but I am blaming that on very eager little fingers helping me out.

If you fancied something sweet, normally mid afternoon is when our energy levels naturally begin to wane, these would be ideal and would definitely satisfy a sweet tooth.

Up next was the Crunchy French Beans, Sugar Snap Peas and Black Edamame – What a great mix of flavours, very unusual. I don’t remember seeing this combination of veggies before. I was intrigued. They were also very crunchy with a hint of sweetness which perfectly balanced out the natural tartness of the vegetables. So utterly moorish, even my little one gave them the thumbs up. If you are watching your calories they would definitely appeal. An average sized pack came in at just 97 calories.

How fantastic to find a genuine healthy snack that I could pop in my sports bag or in the car, safe in the knowledge that I was snacking healthy. And the added bonus that I could pop a packet into my little girls lunch bag and I could award myself some parenting brownie points

What’s Your Favourite Flavour?

You can check out Emilys array of delicious treats at


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