The Best Yoga Poses For Flat Abs


Trim Your Belly And Strengthen Your Copy With These Yoga Inspired Moves

Yoga not only improves your flexibility and strength but almost every yoga pose engages the core and strengthens the stomach area which can result In a more shapely midriff.

These functional moves will target your core in a much more effective way than traditional sit ups.

Begin side ways onto your mat. Sit with your spine long and engaged, your feet flexed and crossed at the ankles. Flow Your body forward and backwards over your legs, flexing extending and warming the spine and core. Imagine you are using your abs like brakes, stopping the movement at the front and at the back. Continue this flow, sweeping your body over to the right side then to the left.

Pull your abs into your spine and squeeze. Keep the shoulders relaxed and away from the ears. Sit back on your sitting bones and bring the hands behind your hips, fingers pointing forwards Lift both feet away from the ground and lean back slightly towards the hands – keep the back long and engaged.

Come back to your sweeps but remember to use the brakes.

Revisit boat pose. This time add some flutter kicks, raise and lower alternative feet to the mat. Keep your focus on core, pulling the belly button towards your spine. I know you will feel the tendency to round the spine here but keep lifting the collarbone upwards. Press down into your hands and squeeze your upper arms towards one another.

Bring the body into table top pose, lifting the hips upward towards the ceiling. Breath deeply and squeeze your belly button inwards and upwards. Gently begin to sweep the hips down and back towards the hands, extend the legs slightly to compensate. Keep the hips slightly lifted off the ground. Breath deeply and scoop the hips up and return to table top. This posture is challenging so just do what you can.

Rest for a moment in cross legged pose. Breath deeply bring both hands slightly further forward than your hips. Push firmly down into the hands and raise the bottom off your mat, any amount. Release it back down.

Find your breath, recover for a moment. You can start to feel the challenge of these exercise now, Take a break at any time.

To finish bring the body back into Boat Pose this time extend both arms out from your shoulders and seperate your legs, open the hips. Breath deeply and close the body into a ball.

Lie the body down onto your mat, feel the wonderful release and sense of letting go, for now.

We are nearly there. Raise your head and shoulders off the mat. Open the legs and extend them away from the hips. Mirror this move by extending the arms away from the shoulders. Breath deeply and release.

You have made it. Well Done.

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