Fashionable Or Functional. Can You Have Both?

Finding the right mix of fashionably and functional in a Yoga pant can be tricky. In my 30 years experience within the fitness and health industry I have tried and tested so many different brands. Oh my, so many brands. But still I am on the look out for “The Pair” You Know the pair I mean. That fashionable, comfortable looks great outside and inside class. That, doesn’t move when you move pair?

Most leggings look great in the shops, but its hard to tell if they will fit well, or if they will flatter your shape. And will they stay put during Downward Dog – how many times have you stopped mid vinyasa to adjust your clothing. And why, oh why, do leggings always gather in those ‘unwanted places’ arghh

The other test of a great legging. Will they stand the test of time after countless washes and classes. Will they keep their shape? How frustrating is it when after only a couple of washes your leggings start to loose softness and fit. Feeling more like baggy tights than leggings.

On my search for “The Pair” I was excited to come across Om And Ah (What A Great Name For A Brand) Their simple yet fashionable slogan designs were refreshing – I like statement tees and leggings but not embalmed across my entire body shouting the virtues of coffee. These lovely garments made me connect with my inner playfulness “She Had The Heart Of A Hippie” “The Spirit Of A Fairy” Ohh I was already intrigued. And when I wanted to blame someone else for my wobble in Headstand “The Moon Made Me Do It” was just perfect.

And what of the fabric. How important is that first touch of a new legging or top? You can tell so much by that first feel. I admit, I am a sucker for soft cotton. It has a wonderful soft feel to it and a lightness on contact with the skin. It was fresh, clean and it let your skin breath.

From previous experience I had always found that cotton was a great material to wear for practice. During those intense vinyasa flows its important that the body remains cool, even if your face was bright pink. Soft cotton is like having your best buddy accompany you in class.

I also loved the subtle colours of Om And Ah – when I teach a class I want to blend in and feel part of the class. I want my focus to be my mat and not the colour of my outfit. And lets be honest you can’t go wrong with Black, White Or Grey. No matter how much time passes or fashions change. It is still a stable wardrobe favourite.

Om And Ah Post Practice? I loved the idea that I could chuck on a trendy tee and some flips post practice and not feel out of place popping out for lunch? Sometimes you just don’t have time to change. Plus, if your leggings look this good, why would you want to change. And why not be a fairy all day?

So, I believe my search for “The Pair” may have come to a close. However there is always something more to search for? Or is that just me?

Have You Found Your Pair Yet?

You can check out Om and Ah gorgeous range of clothing here

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