How To Do Warrior 2 Yoga Pose


Warrior 2 Yoga Pose (veer ah bah drahs anna)

The name derives from a fierce warrior who apparently had thousands of heads, thousands of eyes and wore a tiger skin.

This posture is known as a standing pose that helps to build strength in the lower body. It is a powerful posture that opens the hips and chest. It can also help to relief backache.

Step both feet out, slightly further than hip distance apart. Turn your right foot out about 90 degrees towards the front short end of the mat. Pivot the left foot in slightly, about 45 degrees. Root down into your feet. Make sure you can feel the outer and inner edges of your feet on the mat.

Breath in and raise both arms to the side at shoulder height. Palms should be facing down towards the mat. Keep the hands active, rest the thumb into the first finger, elongate the fingers.

Bend the front knee. Make sure the front knee is in alignment with the front ankle. Gaze down and make sure that you can see the toes, don’t allow the knee to move forward past your foot.

Sink the hips low, eventually front thigh parellel to the floor. Press down into the outer edges of the back foot. Can you feel the small toe pressing into the mat? Keep the back straight

Lengthen across your collarbone and plug the shoulders into their sockets. Turn the head to gaze out across the right hand. Keep the torso open and not turned towards the front leg.

To come out. Breath deeply push into the back foot. Slower being to straighten the front leg. Breath deeply and release the arms down by your side.

Turn to the left and repeat the sequence to the left side.

If your hips are very tight, start with a slightly shorten stance until you gain more flexibility. If you suffer with any suffer problems place both hands onto the hips instead.

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