How To Do Downward Dog Yoga Pose

  How Do We Actually Do A Downward Facing Dog – Ah doh Moo Kuh Shvan ahs uh nuh. Downward Dog is one of the most familiar yoga poses. Its a posture that you will probably do most often within a Yoga class. DD is a standing yoga pose but with a mild inversion (head…

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How To Do Warrior One Yoga Pose Properly

  How do we actually do a Warrior One Pose – Virabhadrasana (veer-uh-buh-drahs-uh-nuh) There are three variations of Warrior, this is the first. It may seem a little strange that a yoga pose is called warrior but it was named after a mythological warrior, Virabhadra. This warrior was fierce and powerful. Warrior One pose is an intense…

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How To Do Warrior 2 Yoga Pose

  Warrior 2 Yoga Pose (veer ah bah drahs anna) The name derives from a fierce warrior who apparently had thousands of heads, thousands of eyes and wore a tiger skin. This posture is known as a standing pose that helps to build strength in the lower body. It is a powerful posture that opens…

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